There is some deep metaphysical shit going on with these pants, on sale now on Amazon’s flash sale site, MyHabit. At first I thought the black ones were the weirdest, but now I think the pink ones are. I mean, what are they saying? That the world exists between your legs? The future of humanity lies in the poonani? I mean, the pink one even kind of looks like a vag. Oy veeeeeeeey.

  1. notesinmylunchbox said: on a cell phone they look even worse. ew!!
  2. losingwins said: Children should learn what having a baby does to a vagina.
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  5. midwestern-momma said: I don’t… I’m not sure… Wait… I. Can’t. Even. Formulate. A. Response. WTF.
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    How? Who? Why?I mean, there’s that picture of the underwear with a woman’s reproductive system on them that’s been going...
  7. totaldrivel said: Wait. These are baby clothes? Wtf am I even looking at?!
  8. uktobk said: I have been staring at this picture for like 4 minutes
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