Big j-name contingent at the playground today: Justice, Jagger, Judgey. (To be fair, that last one was me).

Thing That Really Makes Me Wish We Had A Dishwasher

Spending five minutes clearing about a hundred of E’s toys out of the half-full diaper pail.

Thing I Kind of Love

Dads who find pushing their babies in the swing so tedious that they sit or lay on the ground.

mamapef said: If I may ask a personal question. Do you feel as if you are going through PPD? I'm not sure how old baby is but it is possible that a new baby is adding extra stress. I can relate because my husband and I argue a lot more now that the kids are here and it's not their fault what happens between us, but I get it. Feel free not to answer. :)


Thank you for your sweet note. My son is 15-months old. I did have intense PPD and postpartum anxiety disorder that set in when he was around 4-months old and stopped sleeping soundly and reliably. I saw a shrink and it really helped. But it wasn’t covered by my insurance and was incredibly expensive. Every day I wish fervently I could go back to seeing her, but money is a problem now, as is time. I do think my husband and I are both depressed. Fifteen months without a full night’s sleep will do that I’m told. As everyone keeps telling me “they use sleep deprivation as torture for a reason.” Don’t I know it.

I’ve had the awful impulse to run away lately. Things are not going well. My job is a mess, my health is deteriorating, I’m gaining weight, my husband’s career is flagging, we fight all the time, and E is becoming even more erratic in his sleep and naps. Things are not good. I just can’t help feeling that if I run away, if he stops needing to nurse, if he can stop obsessing over me, that he’d be an easier baby to deal with. Essentially I know that’s not true, but I just don’t know what to do anymore. He’s the only happy person in our family. My husband and I are deeply, deeply unhappy. What’s to be done?

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